Extend your ec2 Linux disk without reboot

For some reason, you have to extend your ec2 Linux server with our reboot and securely. In this port, you will learn how you can extend your ec2 Linux disk on aws. In this example, you will see extend the disk size from 80GiB to 120GiB. Step 1: Modify Volume Login to your AWS Console and find your ec2’s volume […]

Create a New Grant User on AWS RDS (MariaDB)

Today, I’ve played with AWS RDS with MariaDB. In the normally, AWS is created just one user for access AWS RDS. Here is the steps for create a new grant user on AWS RDS with MariaDB. This command means you successfully created your RDS user for MariaDB with all grant options and you set a password. Great. But you need […]

Amazon S3 CORS Settings with CloudFront

If you are serving static content directly Amazon S3 via CloudFront (CDN) you should probably get an error about fonts, images or other static contents to deliver for your users. Actually, it’s not complicated. You can fix this issue on your Amazon S3 Bucket CORS settings. What is Amazon S3 CORS? Cross Origin Resource Sharing (aka CORS). The CORS specification […]

Error: No space left on the device when starting/stopping services only

I’m using Amazon SSM Agent for connecting to EC2 instance via securely. Amazon SSM Agent is also able to connect to the EC2 instance console via aws.amazon.com web console. So, this is my preferred way. About a few days ago, when I tried to connect to EC2 via Amazon SSM Agent it doesn’t respond and after that, I decided to […]