Deploy HA nginx to AWS ECS with Geolocation Routing via Terraform

Today, I want to refactor the Deploy nginx docker to AWS ECS with Terraform Automation project from a single region to multi-region support. This time, I pushed all of Terraform source code to my GitLab account.

Now, the updated project is creating all infrastructure in Ireland and N.Virginia region.
Now, we have a geo-location-based route policy which is provided via Route53.

What geo-location-based route policy means?

In this project, When you get a request from the North America continent, the visitors’ request will be handle by North Virginia’s infrastructure.

If you get a request from Europe continent, this time the request will be handle by Ireland’s infrastructure.

The default region is also set and handle by Ireland’s infrastructure.


This project is really funny for me. I’ve spent $1.17 (with tax) on AWS for the PoC. Here is the repository link:

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