Hello Blog!

I don’t know how many times I set up a blog to myself to take notes or share some technical information about Linux servers and some Linux software such as nginx, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, PHP-FPM, etc but I never success about writing a blog post regularly.

My blog address contains my first name and my last name. So, you know my name I guess : )

I’m working at Masomo as a Linux System Administrator but mostly doing DevOps things with an awesome team.

Every day I’m solving problems in the office and using a lot of different technologies to make a perfect and zero-problem mobile game all over the world. It’s Head Ball 2 Mobile Game.

Head Ball 2 from Masomo

In my mind, here are the categories for my future posts.

  • aws (Amazon Web Services)
  • DevOps Tools and DevOps Culture
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux Server (CentOS, Debian, ubuntu)

In the end, I want to write about my experiences and my know-how in this blog. I hope, this time I’ll be successful and keep this blog up-to-date.

Last of all, if you are interested in what’s next on this blog, you can feel free to create an e-mail subscription on the right side of the newsletter area. Thank you for visiting.