Juniper SRX110H-VA VDSL2 Configuration Step by Step

I was talking on the phone with Kenan Bilgic last night and I told him to “I want to get a Juniper SRX-110H-VA”. After this, Kenan told me, “I’ve already got a Juniper SRX-110H-VA, and just send me to your address, I can ship it for you.”

I’m using TurkNet as an internet provider and they are really cheap and fast internet provider in my neighborhood. My connection type is VDSL2 and I need to make a VPN connection through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

My router has arrived!

I’m so excited about my new router device. I need to configure it before connecting to the copper phone cable via RJ13. I configured my router as a basic and I pushed my config to my GitHub repository.

I used JUNOS 12.1X46-D86 software version. This version is the latest supported version for Juniper SRX110H-VA.

Before your start

  1. vLAN ID (Important)

    Every ISPs are using their own vLAN ID for the connection. In Turkey, ISPs are using vlan-id35.

  2. Username

    You should know your username for the connection which one is ISP provided.

  3. Password

    As like username but this time it’s your password. This is also ISP provided.

  4. Terminal Cable

    If you SRX110H-VA ssh service is disabled, you need to terminal cable for load a configuration. If you don’t have you can buy from internet.

You can find more details on the GitHub repository. Here is the link;

After the steps, I see my Juniper is connected to the internet, yay!

root@juniper-srx110> show interfaces pp0.0 extensive | no-more
  Logical interface pp0.0 (Index 81) (SNMP ifIndex 534) (Generation 146)
    Flags: Point-To-Point SNMP-Traps 0x0 Encapsulation: PPPoE
      State: SessionUp, Session ID: 1,
      Session AC name: TT-35-IZMIR-ERC-SSR-01, Remote MAC address: ac:60:b6:5f:b7:bc,
      Configured AC name: None, Service name: TurkNet VDSL2,
      Auto-reconnect timeout: 5 seconds, Idle timeout: Never,
      Underlying interface: pt-1/0/0.0 (Index 80)
    Traffic statistics:
     Input  bytes  :           5396015635
     Output bytes  :           2818762178
     Input  packets:              4164167
     Output packets:             13992298
    Local statistics:
     Input  bytes  :               928428
     Output bytes  :               944238
     Input  packets:                25117
     Output packets:                25139
    Transit statistics:
     Input  bytes  :           5395087207                 1912 bps
     Output bytes  :           2817817940                 3472 bps
     Input  packets:              4139050                    3 pps
     Output packets:             13967159                    5 pps
  Keepalive settings: Interval 10 seconds, Up-count 1, Down-count 3
  Keepalive statistics:
    Input : 3499 (last seen 00:00:37 ago)
    Output: 21028 (last sent 00:00:09 ago)
  LCP state: Opened
  NCP state: inet: Opened, inet6: Not-configured, iso: Not-configured, mpls: Not-configured
  CHAP state: Closed
  PAP state: Success
    Security: Zone: untrust
    Flow Statistics :
    Flow Input statistics :
      Self packets :                     579
      ICMP packets :                     620
      VPN packets :                      0
      Multicast packets :                0
      Bytes permitted by policy :        41725273176
      Connections established :          0
    Flow Output statistics:
      Multicast packets :                0
      Bytes permitted by policy :        2824110282
    Flow error statistics (Packets dropped due to):
      Address spoofing:                  0
      Authentication failed:             0
      Incoming NAT errors:               0
      Invalid zone received packet:      0
      Multiple user authentications:     0
      Multiple incoming NAT:             0
      No parent for a gate:              0
      No one interested in self packets: 0
      No minor session:                  0
      No more sessions:                  0
      No NAT gate:                       0
      No route present:                  0
      No SA for incoming SPI:            0
      No tunnel found:                   0
      No session for a gate:             0
      No zone or NULL zone binding       0
      Policy denied:                     0
      Security association not active:   0
      TCP sequence number out of window: 45
      Syn-attack protection:             0
      User authentication errors:        0
    Protocol inet, MTU: 1492, Generation: 159, Route table: 0
      Flags: Sendbcast-pkt-to-re, Negotiate-Address
      Addresses, Flags: Kernel Is-Preferred Is-Primary
        Destination:, Local:, Broadcast: Unspecified, Generation: 154

Previously, I and Kenan worked in the same company and we really like each other. I’m really appreciated Kenan’s favor!