Let’s Learn Kubernetes – Part 3

In this part, we will learn minikube and kubectl. We will run a Kubernetes cluster on a local computer. Let’s start for learn! minikube and kubectl This is the minimal production cluster setup. It should contain at least two master and N nodes. What is minikube? Minikube means one node cluster with master and node. […]

Let’s Learn Kubernetes – Part 2

Hello, here is Part 2 of the Let’s Learn Kubernetes series. If you want to read Part 1, you can follow Let’s Learn Kubernetes – Part 1 Deployment and StatefulSet In this example, now everything is running perfectly without any issue and the user can access the application via a browser. When the Application container […]

Let’s Learn Kubernetes – Part 1

Hi, I’m starting to write a blog post series about Kubernetes basics and this is Part 1. You can follow the guide to understand “What is Kubernetes?” and “What you can do with it?”. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration tool for automating software deployment, management, and scaling smoothly and fast. The […]

Differences between AWS CLI v1 and v2

Sometimes, aws-cli doesn’t run your cli commands if you are using v1. If your aws cli is v1, I should recommend updating. In this article, you’ll learn in which conditions you should use an AWS CLI v2. AWS CLI v1 is written in Python language and for v1, you should install Python first but if […]