Differences between AWS CLI v1 and v2

Sometimes, aws-cli doesn’t run your cli commands if you are using v1. If your aws cli is v1, I should recommend updating. In this article, you’ll learn in which conditions you should use an AWS CLI v2. AWS CLI v1 is written in Python language and for v1, you should install Python first but if […]

What do I have?

First of all, hello from sunny Izmir. Today is Tuesday but I feel like off-day. I know, I need to write technical articles for the community that is working with passionate people. It’s on the way, I promise… The title is “Cloud: Using NAT on Private Subnets”. The article is comparing serverless NAT service and […]

How to Install Node Exporter on Linux Server

Node Exporter is a Prometheus exporter for server level and OS level metrics with configurable metric collectors. It helps us in measuring various server resources such as RAM, disk space, and CPU utilization. Node exporter is a good solution to collect all the Linux server-related metrics and statistics for monitoring. Before Start Prometheus ServerAfter node […]